Jag has been a practicing CRNA for over 4 years in autonomous anesthesia practices. He has been concurrently working on his DNP studies and is conducting his study on combination therapy for post-operative nausea and vomiting. He strongly believes in autonomy for nurse anesthetist and has supported learning all aspects of anesthesia including neuraxial and peripheral anesthesia, as a clinical coordinator. His work as a clinical preceptor has received recognition as his clinical students awarded him with"Preceptor of the Year" 2016. He aims to continue teaching after completing his DNP studies and continue working towards making studentcrna.com the best resource for SRNAs and CRNAs. 
"Learning in anesthesia is a constant"

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Tutoring Services- Please provide your name, paypal ID, email and topic of discussion for the assigned time. I will be contacting you via email or phone to determine appropriate date and time for the provision of service. In addition, a working phone number wil be required. Any presentations or powerpoints, student wants to utilize in the learning process must be sent prior to schedule appointment. Please include your learning styles and other necessary information that may help me explain topics to you. Please make sure you have adequate access to internet and phone services prior to confirmation. No refunds will be provided for lack or inadequacy of services on your part. Our services cannot include any specifics regarding board exam questions or topics expected on these exams. Any changes in appointments or cancellations must be done 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment time.


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Consultation Services - This service simply provides an opportunity to ask general nurse anesthesia related questions. No clinical questions or tutoring services will be provided as part of this service. Please provide your name, paypal ID and email in the contact form after submitting payment. I highly recommend emailing prior to determine an appropriate schedule for call. Voice calls will be made to engage in the service so a working telephone number must also be shared. Any changes in appointments or cancellations must be done 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment time. 

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