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    Vargo Pedi Anesthesia
  2. ProCalc
Memory Master for Nurse Anesthetist is a great review app specifically built for students who are in studying for the National Certifying Exam. If you are SRNA, you are well aware of Valley Anesthesia and know their successful methods in preparing you for the exam. It is on iTunes for $199 but is well worth it as it gives you access to 4000 questions and Valley Anesthesia has been the master in helping students pass boards.
Vargo Anesthesia is another name that is becoming (or already been) very popular in the anesthesia market. Their Anesthesia Case Tips is one of the best selling app on iTunes App Store. The 5 in 1 app features Anesthesia Case Tips, Anesthesia Drug Box, Anesthesia Drips, Adult Anesthesia, and CABG for Anesthesia. Below are the links with more info on the individual apps.Vargo Anesthesia Case Tips: If you don't want to carry around a big book to look up your cases for    the day, this is a great app for you. It is being updated with new cases that aren't even available in our books. Quick look up of pretty up any case. I like it! This you have to buy as 5 in 1 deal.
Block Buddy is the best app I have used for information regarding blocks. It has all the information you will need about learning about and doing peripheral nerve blocks. I like that they include information regarding local anesthetics and opioid analgesics. However, my favorite part is information regarding nerve innervations. One minor con is that there should be an option to view the videos full screen and add the ultrasound probe orientation in the video. Overall, great app!

Disclaimer! This one is a app so I won't review it but simply provide a description of it. Our goal building this app was to provide a quick day-to-day calculation app that provides necessary medication doses including local (mg & ml), common meds in IV, IM and PO, fluid calculator, common drip calculator and emergency meds. There is also a basic preoperative section that allows ability to download as pdf. Very helpful for ALL anesthesia providers!!  Get your ANDROID version today!
I assure you that I don't get paid by Vargo for this. They honestly do have one of the best anesthesia apps for all specialties. This one teaches or review CABG anesthesia. Step by step from pre op to post op and not only what you are to do as anesthesia provider but also what the surgeon is doing on the other end. Students can use this for their cardiac rotations. 
This one is included in "Anesthesia Case Tips". It provides you with 350 calculations with a few clicks.

SonoAccess is from the creator of popular ultrasound monitor that is not only anesthesia specific. You can use this app if you are a in cardiology, family practice, emergency medicine etc. They offer videos on how to perform ultrasound guided procedures.
Anesthesia Comprehensive Review app is a review app with questionnaires on various anesthesia topics. It allows you to add your notes while you study for later review. I see it as a quick review app with rationales and references.
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    Hadzic's Peripheral Nerve block
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    The Secrets Series
Another great app for peripheral nerve blocks. It offers quite a bit of information on different regional blocks. A list of links allows you to access quick overview of the block, general considerations, functional anatomy, perioperative management and gives links to suggested readings. It also has information on ultrasound guided blocks with pictures
PediSafe is a 5 star pediatric calculation app that provides you with calculations based on pediatric weights. You click on one of the listed weights and a list of normal vital signs, airway equipments, pretreatment medications, induction agents, fluid resuscitation and CV support medication doses are all listed in a neat, easy to follow interface. 
Another great app from Vargo that combines 11 anesthesia apps combined in 1. It includes case tips, crises mini app, anesthesia drug box, anesthesia drips, You can use this to mix drugs, get final concentrations, use drip tables, and pharmacology notes on how medications work. 
The Secret Series is a quick review app of daily anesthesia related (radiology and ER as well) questions that ponder us during our daily practice. Top 100 "Secrets" along with various anesthesia topics can be browsed through to locate information you are looking for.
Anesthesia Books Reviews

Simply Anesthesia

Here's another great book that was found out as a day-to-day resource for all related to anesthesia. Its called Simply anesthesia and is written using great resources such as "pocket anesthesia" and "clinical anesthesiology". It's focused on the key points written with just enough information and directed straight to the point. It includes topics such as pediatrics, obstetrics, cardiovascular, thoracic, neurology along with many others. Its written by a CRNA who started writing it during school to help her with school. It is also great resource for certification exam. Here's the website where you can check it out and purchase it. It's well worth the money and not as expensive as most other resources out there. Let me know how you like it. I have been using it for a year or so now and it still has applicable information that can be quite handy. Pros: Easy to navigate, to the point information. Cons: Found a few editing mistakes but nothing major. 

Here's the full table of contents for your review. 
  • ACLS
  • Anesthesia Basics
  • Blood & Blood Products
  • Cardiovascular
  • Drugs
  • EKG Basics
  • General & Abdominal Surgery
  • Geriatric Anesthesia
  • Neurosurgery
  • Obstetrics
  • Offsite Anesthesia
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Otolaryngology
  • Pediatrics
  • Regional Anesthesia
  • Urological Surgery
  • Vascular-Thoracic Surgery

Disclaimer: I do not recieve monetary compensation from "Simply Anesthesia". They did provide me with a copy of their "Simply Anesthesia Nurse Anesthesia Handbook" in order for me to utilize it and provide my opinion. 

Pocket Anesthesia

Pocket Anesthesia is another great quick reference guide that actually has quite detailed information. i use it as a guide to look up common drugs and various anesthetic techniques including regional anesthesia. This was my first anesthesia book that I bought prior to starting school and have had it since then. It has an impressive list of anesthesiologists as authors and editors that seem to have put in a lot of work. Highly recommend this one! 

Anesthesia Review Products

Apex Anesthesia

I have recently been approached to give my opinion on a new SRNA board review website Apex Anesthesia Review ( that is available now. Before I begin, in a  recent comment, it was mentioned that they feel "A Student CRNA blog" introduces a lot of new "products". I am not sure if they were saying its a good thing or bad. The information presented about the mentioned courses are  mainly introduction to the products without any promotion or rejection of their effectiveness. Everyone has different learning styles so the idea of me discussing these is to allow an insight into the courses that can help you all determine if they meet your learning needs or not. Regardless, I wanted to start off by saying that the products that I discuss on my blog do not provide me with any monetary compensation. In fact, I look for terms that allow me to keep a neutral, unbiased stand towards the product. Thanks to the developers of Apex Anesthesia Review Course, Kevin Baker CRNA and Daniel Frasca CRNA, DNAP, I have had the opportunity to personally browse their website courses and get an insight on how it works.

Apex Anesthesia Review is an online SRNA review course that provides students with a comprehensive review including multiple tutorials and question banks on topics tested on NBCRNA board exam. The topics are divided into 9 units along with review exams and national certification practice exams. Student subscriptions allow unlimited access to all these courses from your computers and tablets. Smartphones may also be used to access review exams and full length practice board exams. Student course progress is tracked and communicated between all compatible platform allowing easy transition from computer to ipad. The courses are created with in-depth details of the anesthesia topics and are supported by necessary diagrams and illustrations. Questions have been formatted similar to the NBCRNA boards such as multiple selection, drag and drop, illustration questions, and calculations. Apex courses are stored in the cloud and are updated without the need for students to get software update.

Pricing is based on a subscription model and a group rates are available for groups larger than 10. Students are also able to contact the CRNAs who created this program for personalized help if needed. According to the developers, they currently have a 100% pass rate. However, if a student fails, they provide help to create a customized plan and also provide a full refund if the student can't pass the boards after 3 attempts.
Browsing through Apex website, there were some things that I think SRNAs will definitely benefit from and some I had to think over a bit. Initially,from a student's perspective, I was worried about it not being available offline. However, I ended up favoring this change once I compared it with downloadable review programs. It allows students to access courses from almost anywhere and on any device since there is no program to download. All you do is login and pick up where you left off. Another tool that I really like is the "index" section which provides a straight forward, to the point list of very specific topics that are easily accessible with just a click.

Overall, Apex anesthesia seems to be a well organized and to-the-point review course website for SRNAs (and CRNAs in the near future). Hopefully my  brief introduction to the website provides all anesthesia folks with enough information to see if Apex anesthesia is the way for you to study for your boards and earn those four letters behind your name...C.R.N.A.