Pediatric Case Set-up

  • Following is a Pediatric case set-up that must be arranged for individual patient and case basis. With pediatric case, prepare for airway emergencies with correct pediatric sizes.
  • Perform anesthesia machine check. Ensure adequate nitrous oxide is available for inhalation induction. Turn on and calibrate ETCo2 machine. 
Set up
  • Pediatric circuit
  • IV set up with a micro drip for younger patients
  • Airways- oral and nasal
  • Lubricant for nasal airway
  • Eye tape
  • Stylet- Pediatric sizes - 8-10
  • Endotracheal tubes. Calculate using (age+16)/4 then have half size larger and half size smaller.
  • Laryngoscope blades: Common sizes Mac 2, Miller 1, Wis 1.5
  • Pediatric warmer
  • Set up syringes 3 ml, 5ml and 10ml
Emergency drugs:
  • Succinylcholine: 20mg/ml - Dose 2mg/kg IV, 4mg/kg IV
  • Atropine: 10 - 20mcg/kg IV, 20mcg/kg IM (minimum 0.1mg)
  • Epinephrine 10mcg/kg IV